Sarcofaag, grafkunst – Het onzegbare uitdrukken in een grafmonument

Grafkunst door Sarcofaag ontworpen en gerealiseerd. De toegepaste materialen in dit gedenkbeeld; edelstaal en zwart graniet.

In het edelstaal worden de kleuren van de lucht weerkaatst, als omlijsting voor de granieten kraaienveer.

De kraai, in oude tijden het symbool van de hoop, roept; ‘CRAS, CRAS’, wat in Latijn zoveel betekent als ‘MORGEN, MORGEN’.

In het edelstaal gedeelte is het onderstaande, oude Engelse gedicht gegraveerd.

And so unto Death have you gone, my boy, blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh, Child of My Heart; like this flower, not in the fullness of time to bear seeds, wither and die. Yet like this flower, a thing of joy and beauty even for all its unfulfilled promise, so you were to me a wondrous and magical experience, however short. Thank you for your precious gift.
Of the Triple Goddess, She Who Opens and Shuts All Doors, Lady of All Joys and Sorrows, I ask for you: that the Crone always fly you to Summerland wrapped in the softest black feathers; that the Mother always comfort you in Her loving embrace; that the Maiden always smile brightly on you.
Know that there will always be an empty place under my heart that cannot be filled, where your memory shall dwell forever. I bid you a pleasant journey, and a peaceful sojourn. Rest well, be renewed and return again. Fare thee well, forever.
As this hole is filled, so let my wound be healed. For even as this flower returns to Mother Earth, to return again some day, some way as Life, so will you, my boy. And as leaf and stem and petal are drawn back into the Womb, so let my grief be drawn in, to return again one day as joy.

Mother of Life, Mother of Death, let it be so.

Afbeelding van het bijbehorende gedenkbeeld


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